Days Gone TGS 2018 Demo Comparison Shows Improved Cutscenes And Visuals

New comparison for Days Gone reveals the visuals are improved while showing some changes to the cutscenes.

Days Gone is ‘fully playable’ at Tokyo Game Show 2018. The game is shown in a stage event with the opening prologue getting a gameplay demo. It is interesting to see how the game has evolved in development through its various stages and Days Gone is no exception.

The new demo build features a revamped lighting engine, weather system and also has other quality-of-life improvements that make it better than the very early Alpha build played by GameInformer. There are still some kinks to be ironed out including the issue with the frame rate, which still seems to suffer during certain sequences. However, as a whole, there are some good improvements made here.

Here are some comparison screenshots between the TGS 2018 demo from Sony and the GameInformer Alpha coverage back in June of this year.

Another comparison was shared by a Reddit user which showed some noticeable changes that were made to the cutscenes.

The new lighting gives the game a more cinematic feel which helps in enhancing the experience. It is also possible that this is merely an effect of the dynamic time of day cycle that is present in the game. There are improvements made to the level-of-detail and cutscenes now don’t look as flat as in the Alpha gameplay.

The only issue that still remains is some of the animations that feel a little clunky and the frame rate can still drop when killing a large horde, otherwise, it feels like the game is more polished now and offers a better experience overall.

Days Gone will release on February 22th, 2019 exclusively for the PS4.

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