Days Gone Update Version 1.07 released, promises more fixes

Days Gone Update Version 1.07 has been released and can be downloaded now when you start the game or boot up your PS4. The update is quite small just like the previous two updates, coming in at just 136MB.

Sony Bend has been quickly releasing new updates for their new Zombie Survival Adventure Shooter, with seven released so far. This is really unprecedented for a game released just a few days ago but its great to see the developers hard at work at improving the game. One of the reasons for the frequent updates is that there has been some noticeable problems and bugs with the game post release, including the notorious audio bug where the game audio would cut out at random.

Another reason for Days Gone 1.07 Update releasing just 24 hours after the previous one is that 1.06 broke the game for many players, causing the game to crash frequently. However its great to see a fix being released so quickly.

Currently we only have the generic bug fixes quote for for patch notes but we’ll update this post when the full details for what’s new in Days Gone Update 1.07 are revealed.

Days Gone Update Version 1.07 PS4 Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes

Days Gone 1.07 update can be downloaded now.

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