Days Gone: What are Crater Lake Horde Locations?

Days Gone has 40 hordes across the map out which three are in Crater Lake region. If you’re looking to beat all of the hordes then here are locations for Crater Lake hordes to help you find them easily.

In Days Gone, hordes are gathering of Freakers who are zombie-like creatures. These hordes can have hundreds of Freakers and defeating them earns you trust, experience points. Also, if you are able to defeat every single horde, you get the St. John Horde Killer custom skin for your motorcycle.

What are the Crater Lake horde locations in the Days Gone?

Mt. Bailey Horde

You will find this horde in the northwestern section of the Crater Lake map in Days Gone. You will need to head west of Diamond Lake encampment to reach this horde.


Also, it is important to add that during the day the Freakers are in a cave you will find on the edge of the region and during the night you will find them roaming around in the area.

McLeod Ridge Horde

McLeod Ridge Horde in Days Gone is in the northwest direction from the Diamond Lake camp. When heading towards this direction, you will enter a snowy mountainous area. What you will need to look for is a cave, you will find the horde inside the cave.

Rimview Ranch Horde

To find this horde, you will need to go to Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Neo checkpoint in Days Gone. Here you will find a large body of water and you might find the Freakers drinking from there. Otherwise, you will need head south on the sandy track till you reach a cave. You will find the horde inside the cave.

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These are all the locations of hordes in the Lake Crater Region. For any more questions, leave a comment below.

Days Gone is now available on PS4.

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