Days Gone: What is Survival Mode?

Days Gone, the latest title by Bend Studio is going to receive a Survival mode among other things in post-launch content. Read on to find out more about Survival mode and the rest of post-launch content.

Days Gone is an action-adventure title that focuses on the storytelling aspect. For that reason, the game features a single-player mode and does not have any kind of multiplayer mode upon its launch.

What is the Survival Mode in Days Gone?

Survival Mode is a new mode that will be offered in Days Gone as post-launch content. The mode scheduled to be made available in the month of June. Moreover, the Survival mode will have a higher difficulty level than the hardest setting offered upon launch.

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Further, the Survival mode will take away the Fast Travel option and Survival Vision making the game more difficult. Lastly, you won’t have a map and on-screen indicators which will create a more immersive experience.

What other content will the Days Gone receive as post-launch content?

Other than receiving a Survival mode, Days Gone will receive weekly updates. Each week the developer will add a new bike, horde and a combat challenge. Further, these challenges will take the key features of the game and use them in unique ways to create additional rewards and items for you. Other than this, more content will be offered but this all that we know of at the moment.

What will you earn from beating Survival mode and other post-launch content challenges in Days Gone?

By beating the Survival Mode and other challenges, you will earn a number of trophies and bike skins. Also, you will be able to show off these rewards in Photo mode of the game.

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This all you need to know about the Survival mode and other post-launch content in Days Gone. For any more queries, leave a comment below.

Days Gone is now available on PS4.

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