Days Gone Will Run At Dynamic 4K Resolution With HDR On The PS4 Pro

Days Gone is an ambitious open world game that allows dynamic encounters thanks to its weather and scripting system. The world in Days Gone is full of freakers and evil humans that are out to kill you and how exactly the player deals with each situation depends on how they utilize their available options. The dynamic approach to finishing each mission or objective has been highlighted in both E3 demos where the main character could take alternative paths through the missions.

Recently the creative director and studio director of Days Gone was showing an alternative look at Days Gone E3 2017 demo for PlayStation Live and answered some questions related to the game. In term of the PlayStation 4 Pro support, the developer confirmed that Days Gone will run at dynamic 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro with support for HDR.

“The biggest thing is the resolution. Dynamic 4K and to see it on the HDR. That’s the most impressive thing,” said John Garvin of Sony Bend Studio.

Some new details about the game were also shared including the confirmation that the open world will allow multiple approaches to each enemy encounters. There is also the confirmation that along with humans, animals will also be infected like the bear in the latest demo and these can be dangerous. There are also infected wolves called runners that can knock the player from their bike and can prove to be dangerous. You will also deal with swarm and horde as you make your way through the game and you can even smartly use them against the enemies.

Lastly the developers were again asked to comment on a release date but they couldn’t reveal one, just like they did in a previous interview. The developers did thank Sony for giving them resources and time to create an AAA open world game so hopefully this results in a game that meets the fan’s expectations even if it doesn’t look like it will be out anytime soon.

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