Dead by Daylight Update Version 1.56 Patch Notes 2.6.0; Here’s What It Does

Dead by Daylight update version 1.56 patch 2.6.0 is out now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC today. Here are the patch notes for this brand new update.

Dead by Daylight has received a new update today on all platforms. It adds some new content and makes balance and gameplay adjustments to the game.

The patch notes for Dead by Daylight update 1.56 can be read from below. The detailed patch notes are far too long to list here so you can check them on the official website.

Dead by Daylight Update Version 1.56 Patch Notes 2.6.0 For PS4, Xbox One, And PC


  • Content – Added a new Killer (The Plague)
  • Content – Added a new Survivor (Jane Romero)
  • Content – Added a new map for the Red Forest theme (The Temple of Purgation).
  • Feature – Added the matchmaking queue time display for both roles. This change follows the backend matchmaking changes (addition of queues) that were recently deployed.
  • Feature – Adjusted the EULA & Privacy Policy approval flow, and added an option to revoke the consent from the settings menu.
  • Feature – Changed the Character Swap controls from L2/R2 to L3/R3
  • Feature – Disabled changing the active characters with the Character Swap controls while the player is Ready in a lobby. This was done as an extra check to ensure there are no more accidental character swaps.
  • Feature – Integrated an updated version of the Unreal Engine (4.21, from 4.20).
  • Feature – Modified the progression display for certain Daily Rituals. Instead of showing the percentage and minutes, we’re now showing the amount and seconds. This is applicable for the following Daily Rituals: Blood Dance, Reconstruction Ritual, Rite of Ruin, Wild Dance, and Hunt Ritual.

The full patch notes and other gameplay adjustments can be seen for all platforms from the official website.

Dead by Daylight is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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