Dead by Daylight Update Version 1.63 Full Patch Notes 3.0.0 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Dead by Daylight update version 1.63 is out now so here are the full patch notes for this brand new update. You can find out what is added in this update aside from the new Ghost Face DLC.

Dead by Daylight update version 1.63 has a download size of roughly 300 MB give or take depending on the platform. You can get some information on the patch notes that detail the various changes below.

Dead by Daylight Update Version 1.63 Full Patch Notes 3.0.0 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


  • Feature – Added the ability to rotate characters in the lobby.
  • Feature – Added new menu and lobby music.
  • Content – Added a new Killer (The Ghost Face).



  • All Killer swing animations have been modified to match the distance at which they can hit a survivor. This was done to help mitigate situations where a Killer would hit a survivor but their weapon/ hand would not look like it was reaching the Survivor.
  • In addition to Killer swing animations matching their hit distance we have also added swing VFX to mitigate when hits looked like they should have missed targets when in fact they found a target and hit. (There will be more work done to make hits look better when they connect)
  • Added stun VFX for Killers when hit by pallets.
  • Survivors will now turn their heads where their camera is looking. This happens when a Survivor interacts with an object in the environment and when they are not downed or incapacitated.
  • Adjusted fast vault conditions: Players can no longer trigger fast vaults when beside windows or in contact with the wall.

Art adjustments:

  • Adjusted certain darker cosmetics that gave players an advantage to be lighter.
  • Re-worked some characters hair.
  • Adjusted Killer Instinct VFX to remove red fill effect, increase frequency of pulse, add an offset to where symbol is displayed, modified the scaling of the symbol to stay more consistent. These changes also affect the Killer power, Feral Frenzy, of The Legion.

Audio adjustments:

  • Adjusted the chase volume for Survivors.

Map changes:

  • Removed the RNG factor from the window setups in the rooms of Lery’s Memorial Institute; each small room now spawns with the same window configuration.
  • Edge Object repopulation pass in The MacMillan Estate maps, there are more obstacles in between the map tiles now.
  • Introduced new maze tiles for the Yamaoka Estate theme.

Survivor Emblem changes:

Added events for Lightbringer emblem scoring:

  • 20 points for cleansing a dull totem.
  • 5 points if a dull totem is cleansed while you are in a chase.
  • 10 points if a Hex totem is cleansed while you are in a chase.
  • 1/3 point for each 1% of a generator repaired while you are in a chase (Capped to a maximum of 33.3 scored for each generator).

Added event for Benevolent emblem scoring:

  • 10 points for sabotaging a hook within 10 meters of a Killer carrying a Survivor, if the carried Survivor then wiggles free.

Added event for Evader emblem scoring:

  • 50 points for stunning the Killer with a pallet.

Survivor perk changes: 

  • Streetwise: Increased efficiency values to 15%/20%/25% up from 10%/12%/15%.
  • Windows of Opportunity: Reduced cooldown values to 30/25/20 seconds down from 60/50/40.
  • Mettle of Man: We have changed the condition for getting tokens. It is no longer for being hit by a Killer’s basic attack. Instead earn tokens by taking “Protection Hits”. It still requires 3 tokens to activate. Survivors will still need to be injured in order to trigger the Endurance effect and avoid being put into the dying state. This means that Mettle of Man will require more work from the Survivor to trigger Mettle of Man’s Endurance status effect.
  • Unbreakable: Increased recovery speed to 25%/30%/35% up from 15%/20%/25%.

Killer perk changes:

  • Pop Goes The Weasel: Changed Regression values from 15%/20%/25% to a flat 25% across all tiers. Changed window of activation from 30 seconds to 40/50/60 seconds.
  • Territorial Imperative: Reduced cooldown to 30/25/20 seconds down from 60/45/30.
  • Enduring: Updated Enduring to a flat reduction in pallet stun duration of 40/45/50% rather than an increase to stun recovery speed of 55/65/75%. Enduring will now only affect pallet stuns.

For the full list of bug fixes for Dead by Daylight update version 1.63, get the official patch notes from here.

Dead by Daylight is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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