Dead Cells Update Version 1.16 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)

Dead Cells update version 1.16 is available to download now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

The new update for Dead Cells implements a number of fixes and adjusts the game balance. You can have a look at the full patch notes for Dead Cells update 1.16 below.

Dead Cells Update Version 1.16 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)

Weapon rework :

Following the extremely succesful weapon popularity poll, we tried to give some love to the less liked weapons and slightly nerfed the most effective ones.
The aim is to open up a wider range of builds, while not sacrificing what made meta builds fun.
Most of the changed consist of slight number tweaks, some are more profound reworks but there is one notable exceptions:
– All Crossbows (with the exception of Sonic Crossbow which is now named Sonic Carbine) are now two-handed weapons and Survival only.
– Multiple-nocks Bow, Marksman’s Bow and Nerves of Steel are now Tactic only and have been buffed.

Economy rework :

It has been brought to our attention several times (and, frankly, we knew already) that the economy in Dead Cells was… peculiar. While everything seemed to be fine at low difficulty level, it got worse and worse in high BC, where if you wanted to buy healing you would have to basically never spend any gold on anything else. So to fix this we implemented several changes, small and big, some among them will be detailed later in this patchnote.
Here’s a short list of what changed:
– Gold scaling is gone, long live small numbers!
– A good amount of items had their price changed
– To replace gold scaling, gear price now goes up with item level
– Refining and affix reroll costs have been changed
– Shop categories are now stats instead of equipment type
– Shop reroll is now free, but makes items on sale pricier

Gear qualities and damage rework :

Bonus stats have been removed from ++ and S gears, but to compensate new scrolls have been added in biomes, enemy damage has been reduced, and gear damage has been changed to increase with item level.
This change was implemented to give back some importance to gear level, and in pair with the economy rebalance give you more opportunities (and an incentive) to switch gears during your run.

New DoT: Shocked and DoT reworks

All damage over time statuses seemed to blend together a bit too much for our taste. We decided to try and give each DoT a unique identity, and added a fourth one, shocked, in the process. Most electric weapons and items inflict this new shock DoT.
– New DoT, Shocked: deal damage over time to the target and all nearby targets.
– Bleed rework: Stack enough bleed status on a target and the damages left is instantaneously dealt at once.
– Poison rework: Upon death, propagate the poison status with reduced damages and for the remaining duration.
– Fire un-rework: Untouched, because fire was already perfect.
Also, all affixes giving bonus damage on an enemy with a specific status have updated values.

Damage mutation rework :

Damage mutations (those who give a bonus DPS to your attacks) suffered from poor scaling, making them extremely useful at low difficulties while being less and less useful as you progress through the game.
To remedy to that, we changed their bonus from a bonus DP to a bonus % of damages. This means that everything that boosts your attack (item level, item rarity, affixes, etc.) will synergize with those mutations.

Impacted mutations:
– Combo
– Vengeance
– Tainted Flask
– Support
– Tranquility
– Gastronomy
– Extended Healing

Changed and increased the initial pool of mutations.

Any diminishing return is now removed after a few secondes. This means that Freeze, Stun, Slows, and everything else that used to be less and less effective against a target in a fight can now be used more efficiently for these long boss fights. Version 1.9.1

Equipping a two-handed weapon now gives you access to a backpack weapon slot. You can put any one-handed weapon inside so the next time you come across another one-handed weapon, you can equip both at the same time to replace your two-handed weapon. Version 1.9.1

Dead Cells is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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