Dead Island developer Techland unveils its new game, Hellraid

The creators of the ‘not-so successful’ Dead Island games have announced the name of their new game, which they have been working for several months already.

Formerly known as ‘Project Hell’, Techland’s new game, due out in 2013, is now titled ‘Hellraid’. As written on the developers’ blog, Hellraid will be a dark-fantasy first-person hack & slash title.


While Dead Island & The Call of Juarez take place in realistic worlds, Hellraid will have a fantasy-based setting. This means that the game will feature magic & armour customization, while retaining several core elements from Dead Island, such as exploration, weapon crafting & character development.

Along with a story-driven campaign, Hellraid will boast a co-op feature, and will be playable for the XBox 360, PS3 & PC. The game’s co-op system will feel very competitive, as players will be given points for accomplishing various actions (i.e.: helping out a dying companion). Furthermore, the best players will be rewarded with various goodies & shine in leadersboards. Additionally, the game will feature a mode called ‘Game Master’, a mode which randomizes loot, enemy placement & challenges.

If you would like to know more about Hellraid, head over to the official blog website.

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