Dead or Alive 6 Update Version 1.12 Full Patch Notes 1.08 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Dead or Alive 6 update version 1.12 is available to download now on PS4. This is officially labeled as patch 1.08 on PC and Xbox One. Here’s what is included in this update.

Dead or Alive 6 update 1.12 adds content for Season Pass 2. It adds a new stage, Seaside Eden. New costumes are also added with a Seaside Eden Costume Set. In addition to the costumes, there is a new BGM “Vacation to Paradise BGM Set) with a total of 12 tracks. There are also various fixes implemented as part of this new update.

You can get the full details on Dead or Alive 6 update version 1.12 (PS4) or 1.08 (PC, Xbox One) in the patch notes below. Balance Adjustments can be seen here.

Dead or Alive 6 Update Version 1.12 Full Patch Notes 1.08 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  • Added new stage: SEASIDE EDEN.
  • Added new costumes: “Seaside Eden Costume Set”.
  • New costumes can be used after being purchased.
  • Added new BGM: “Vacation to Paradise BGM Set” (12 tracks).
  • New BGM can be used after being purchased.
  • Added new costumes: “‘Little’ Devil Maid” costume for Marie Rose and “Makeover School Uniform” costume for Honoka.
  • Both costumes are bonus content available to players who have purchased Season Pass 2.
  • Added the option to input text into LOBBY MATCH chat using only USB keyboard. (Text window can be opened by pressing any of the keys on the keyboard.)
  • Added Fighter Level Bonus compensation to the Player Points display shown after matches. Adjusted timing on the data acquisition for the LEADERBOARDS.
  • Adjusted the LEADERBOARDS display to display the correct ranking order among friends, not overall ranking, when display is set to “Only Friends”.
  • Fixed an issue where LOBBY MATCH replays were not correctly overwritten and saved after reaching the 200 limit.
  • Added entry and victory animations for the following characters: Entry animations: Zack, Hayate, Honoka, Nyotengu. Victory animations: Tina, La Mariposa, Raidou, NiCO.
  • Fixed an issue in the FREE TRAINING mode where, after setting “Crouching Throws 1” as COM Reactions for Marie Rose, 6T was used by mistake.
  • Adjusted wall properties on a part of THE THROWDOWN stage. ○ ○ ○ Fixed an issue with the appearance of a part of the CHINESE FESTIVAL stage.
  • Added a full game product promotion banner for DEAD OR ALIVE 6 to the main menu of the Core Fighters version of the game. Note: The banner will not be displayed for users who have purchased either the Story Mode unlock key, or more than one additional character (excluding Nyotengu, Phase 4, Mai Shiranui, and Kula Diamond).

Dead or Alive 6 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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