Dead Rising 3 runs at 720p and 30 fps on Xbox One, UI runs at native 1080p

Dead Rising 3 has been confirmed to be running at 720p and 30 fps on the Xbox One, UI at native 1080p, by the Executive Producer.

Dead Rising 3 is a launch title for Microsoft’s Xbox One and it is really disappointing to hear that it is not really pushing 1080p on new hardware. The game is set in a world with thousands of zombies and while it looks impressive, especially the zombie count, it is disappointing to hear that the developers weren’t able to run it at 1080p or 900p and instead opted for 720p as the resolution.

Dead Rising 1 and 2 were also native 720p on Xbox 360. Dead Rising 3 doesn’t seem to be a graphically demanding game either. The zombies count is impressive along with the draw distance and physics but this certainly doesn’t mean they should have run it at 720p like the previous generation.

This news came from Josh Bridge, Executive Producer at Capcom Vancouver. In an interview to Eurogamer, Josh Bridge explains the reason behind this resolution.

It was not really something we actually set as a mantra. When we first started there was no platform, it was PC and we were just targeting next-gen, and 1080, even before then we thought it’d be prohibitive to even consider that, because essentially you have to do everything twice, which is just massive when you think of it. It’s more important that the end image looks awesome – look at how much stuff is on screen, that’s always been a Dead Rising sort of brand. That still looks really good, and that’s been our goal. I hope it shows – just look at how much insane stuff is going on screen.

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