Dead Rising 3 SmartGlass functionality detailed; Includes exclusive missions and rewards

Capcom has detailed the SmartGlass functionality of Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One. It seems like our hero Nick will be able to pick a smartphone early in the game and  this will be used for the basis of SmartGlass functionality.

Players will be able to receive phone calls and text messages from in-game characters and this will result in new missions, that will be exclusive to SmartGlass users. You can get new weapons or additional support apps for your PDA by finishing these missions.

Dead Rising 3 is a upcoming Xbox One exclusive and it seems to be heavily relying on SmartGlass functionality to add “optional” new features to the game. It’s original reveal was during E3 2013 and Capcom demoed SmartGlass use there, by using it to call air strikes for zombies. Now it seems like that there is a whole new side to this SmartGlass functionality and it definitely seems to add to the game. The changes were detailed in a blog post on official site.

Not only we will get exclusive missions that will reward us with exclusive weapons, it seems like we are able to see the whole map of Los Perdidos in real-time and it will show the location of our character along with co-op character.

The news ticker, that is featured prominently in previous Dead Rising games, is also supported for SmartGlass functionality and will show us the latest stuff that is happening around Los Perdidos.

We can also use the ZDC Military Support Application to request help like Air Strikes or Military flares for distracting zombies. There is even an Item Finder app and a Backup app to call for support in tight situations or boss battles.

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