Dead Rising 3’s Season Pass Detailed By Capcom

Dead Rising 3 is an upcoming new addition to the Dead Rising series by Capcom, and is an exclusive for the Xbox One. However since the recent rumors and many confirmations about multiplatform titles not running native 1080p on the Xbox One, Capcom at least confirmed that Dead Rising 3 will be locked at 30fps with 1080p resolution.

Today, on the Dead Rising’s official Facebook page, the season pass for the Dead Rising 3 was detailed. It will be available for $29.99. There are four DLCs announced for Dead Rising 3 with the first one ,titled “Operation Broken Eagle” to be available sometime in December later this year followed by  “Fallen Angel,” “Chaos Rising,” and “The Last Agent” later on. Each DLC pack will cost $9.99 individually. Those who purchase the season pass will get all of the DLCs plus an exclusive “Nick Ramos Tribute Pack”, which will include a new car and costume for the protagonist.


Dead Rising 3 was first announced by Capcom at Microsoft’s E3 2013 presentation. Dead Rising 3 will also make use of the Smart Glass functionality and integration by providing exclusive missions and rewards to the players. It is announced to be a launch title for Xbox One and will release alongside it on November 22 in North America.

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