Dead Rising 4 Screenshots Leaked, Confirm Frank West As Protagonist

Dead Rising 4 is no secret by now and as its reveal draws near, we have started to get leaked information from the game.

NeoGAF user Gwyn has managed to get his hands on some early marketing material of the game including screenshots and possibly the gameplay reveal trailer. He has shared some of these screenshots along with an animated GIF showing a new lightning based weapon and a mechanical armor.

dead-rising-4-leak (1) dead-rising-4-leak (2) dead-rising-4-leak (3)

Dead Rising 4 is reportedly set in a mall and will also feature a whole town adjacent to it. The game will also include 4 player co-op and has been rumored to be reboot of the original. It is currently reported for Xbox One and Windows 10 and there is no confirmation of a possible Steam or PS4 release.

Let us know what you think about these leaked screenshots in the comments below.

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