Dead Rising 4: Stocking Stuffer Holiday DLC Is Available Now

It has been just two weeks since the release of Dead Rising 4, and now we already have the first piece of downloadable content for the game.

As reported on earlier, the brand new Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack adds a whole bunch of new Christmas themed goodies to the game, including new costumes for the zombies, a bunch of holiday themed combo weapons, combo vehicles and new filters for Frank’s selfies.

In the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, Frank West is home for the holidays and he’s got a naughty list the size of Willamette. Zombies have gotten into the holiday supplies and are now dressed up as elves, gingerbread men, reindeer, and snowmen, and to take them on, Frank has an all-new arsenal of holiday themed weapons. Tear up the streets in this festive carnage pack that’s guaranteed to stuff your stocking – then take a festive selfie to prove it to your friends.

Some of the combo items shown in the trailer include; Lights Out, a baseball bat with Christmas lights wrapped all around; Candy Pain, a giant candy cane/sledge hammer with grenades attached at one end; and Santa’s Little Melter, a stuffed reindeer/motorcycle combo vehicle that fires lasers.

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The Dead Rising 4: Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack is out now for the Xbox One, and is available as either part of the Season Pass and the Dead Rising 4 Deluxe Edition, or as a standalone purchase for $4.99.

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