Dead Space 2 Added To EA Access Vault For Xbox One

Dead Space 2 has been made available to all the EA Access subscribers on the Xbox One. The game was previously available to EA Origin Access users on PC even though it was made available on backwards compatibility for Xbox One early this year. This the first time the sequel has been made available on EA Access considering the game was shipped on 2 discs on the original Xbox 360.

The addition of Dead Space 2 to EA Access vault comes as a surprise since there was no prior official announcement of its inclusion, although judging from how Mass Effect trilogy made the jump, it is possible that EA just decided to add the games to the EA Access Vault on Xbox One after the backwards compatibility was released for it.

Dead Space 2 was a critically acclaimed follow up to the original Dead Space. It spanned a grand adventure that featured multiple discs and was released for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game not only received critical praise, it also set a new benchmark for the Dead Space series. Unfortunately the series failed to achieve any more success after Dead Space 3, which was a critical and commercial bomb for EA.

Dead Space 3 tried to implement co-op in the game which was hated by the fans and critics alike. Hopefully after the release of Dead Space 2, EA can also release the final game for EA Access users so the complete trilogy is available to play on the Xbox One.

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