Dead Space 4 Concept Details Tease Necromorph Apocalypse And Space Exploration

EA might have stopped making more games in the Dead Space series but the developer Visceral Games, who had worked on the trilogy, had more ideas and concept on where to take it after the first 3 games with a brand new Dead Space 4. This was revealed by the creative director of Dead Space, Ben Wanat, in an interview to Eurogamer.

Here is a summary of what was the concept for Dead Space 4, and for further games in the series, courtesy of resetERA.

  • The game was about humanity facing a Necromorph apocalypse.
  • You traveled around in a little ship, trying to survive day to day, while scavenging a bunch of other ships and looking for signs of life.
  • It was going to start as a more linear title, with you going between a fixed order of ships, and then you would repair your ship enough to be warp (called Shock in Dead Space) capable, at which point the game would open up to a much more non-linear, hub based progression. You would also learn new plot details about what had been going on as you went through them.
  • The ships you went on were all going to be very diverse. Think about the different themed sections of the first game, but taken to a much more dramatic level.
  • They hadn’t decided on a protagonist for the fourth game yet, but they were leaning toward it being Ellie.
  • It sounds like this probably would have been the last Necromoprh based title. Ben notes that humanity would have found a way out of the Necromorph apocalypse, but would have ended up regretting it, because the Necromoprhs were keeping something even worse at bay.
  • Ben explains that Dead Space ultimately stopped getting made because the game’s sales couldn’t keep up with the dramatically rising standard budget for AAA games.
  • Ben notes that they had a lot of other plot and universe details worked out, but he didn’t want to share too much more about it, as he thinks a new Dead Space would work very well as a Hellblade sized title, and that EA might actually go and do that. EA has recently expressed more interest in this budget range, though they would of course need staff that actually wanted to make Dead Space.
  • Ben did note that in order to get the budget down to Hellblade levels, they would have to cut some of the very expensive set pieces the series was known for, in case you were wondering what was driving up the budget in the first place.

Dead Space ultimately ended with the 3rd game in the series releasing for the last generation consoles and PC including the PS3 and Xbox 360. It didn’t come close to matching the sales level of Dead Space 2, which is the best selling entry in the franchise. Visceral Games was shut down by EA and its employees are now working at various other studios. Ben Wanat is the creative director at Crystal Dynamics who are releasing Shadow of the Tomb Raider later this year.

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