Death Stranding Gameplay Details Revealed: Dying Isn’t ‘Game Over,’ Babies Linked To Robot Arm

Death Stranding so far is pretty mysterious when it comes to details surrounding its gameplay. There is no official confirmation on what Hideo Kojima is aiming here when it comes to the gameplay. There have been some vague teases about creating an open world with online elements but the actual gameplay has never been explored in detail.

Recently, IGN has managed to get some information on the mysterious new trailer that was shown at The Game Awards 2017. This teaser is the 3rd in the series of videos for Death Stranding that is basically a completely out of this world representation of a game world where logic doesn’t make any sense. The main character in the game is motion captured by Norman Reedus while Mads Mikkelsen is also playing a major role.

While the general gameplay details are still not clear, now we can know that dying in Death Stranding is not going to be a simple game over screen, but instead it transports the player into a weird upside-down world as seen in the latest trailer. The game is playable while you are in this section where you can attempt to gain your items and other things. It is not clear how it will be all executed in the final game but the dying mechanics are also tied to the online elements.

Secondly the babies that have been so prominent in almost every trailer are not just for shock value, but the are actually linked to the robot arms that can appear alive. They are prominently featured in the latest trailer although their purpose wasn’t clarified but Kojima did confirm that they have a name in the game.

According to the details shared by Hideo Kojima, it looks like Death Stranding will focus on a narrative that will make sense by the end of the game. ““Everything makes sense. Everything will come together, ” says Kojima. He also assured that the development is going smoothly and they are waiting for the right moment to show gameplay.

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