Death Stranding’s New Trailer Might Be Ready In Time For The Game Awards 2018 – Report

Death Stranding is going to get a new trailer at The Game Awards judging by the tweet of one of the developers working at Kojima Productions.

Kojima Productions is working on Death Stranding for a while now and it has received as much as six trailers. Despite all of the reveals, the gameplay footage is non-existent or not properly seen in action so fans are left wondering what the game is even about in the first place.

Death Stranding has received a new trailer at TGS 2018 but it appears that it will be followed by another reveal at The Game Awards 2018. This was teased by the Audio Director at Kojima Productions who talked about showing a trailer to Shinya Tsukamoto, film director of cult classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man. The game director also later replied back to his tweet calling the new work of Kojima as ‘really exciting.’

This hints at a new trailer dropping just in time for The Game Awards. Not that it will be any surprise to see since Kojima has similarly shared a trailer for Death Stranding at previous TGA. He is also a close friend with Geoff Keighley who hosts the awards ceremony every year.

Death Stranding is currently confirmed as a PS4 exclusive but there is no release date set for it. Kojima has stated that the game has a release date but they aren’t ready to disclose it yet.

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