Demo of Omen Exitio: Plague Is Now Available For Players

Tiny Bull Studio’s gamebook styled RPG, Omen Exitio: Plague has gained much popularity, and now the devs have announced to release a prototype to give players an idea of what to expect in the game. Inspired from H.P. Lovecraft’s imagination, the game is set in the late 1800’s, and proceeds as a story which is written by different professional writers.

Every decision the player takes in the game will lead to a different ending. The user can either opt to save the world or unleash dark forces that will lead it to its destruction. The prototype takes place some time before the original storyline and will be presented as a prequel.


Plague is the first of many chapters in the game, and devs have built its prototype to gather funds to continue developing the series further. The game requires $3,269 worth of funds, which is not really a big amount to gather in a week.

A few things are still missing as the demo has not been completed yet. The missing features includes sound and graphic settings, working buttons during the book read-through, and a proper save system. All of these are said to be added soon, after which the users can easily download and play the demo.


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