PS3 Exclusive Demon’s Souls Gets Emulated On PC, Shows First Boss Fight

Demon’s Souls is the first Souls game that laid the foundation for the series and it has achieved a cult status among fans. Since the game was funded and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, it remained a PS3 exclusive. Sadly there was never a remaster for the game on the current generation consoles which led to some interest in a possible emulated version.

The developers of RPCS3, which is a work-in-progress PS3 emulator, have shared the first details regarding Demon’s Souls on the PS3. They have also released a set of new videos that shows the gameplay running on PC along with a boss fight.

Keep in mind while the game looks to be ‘playable’, it is far from functional state and will require some time before it can be properly emulated. Still, as a proof of concept, it does look like some progress has been made for the PS3 emulator so that it can emulate this cult classic game.

While emulation is nothing new, the PS3 emulator was developed after the end of the console life cycle and took a while before it managed to reach even a remotely functional stage. It has still a lot to go before it can run a game from start to end.

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