Demon’s Souls Official Servers Go Offline But Fans Still Find A Way To Play It Online

Demon’s Souls will forever remain a cult classic and remembered as the game that spawned one of the most popular action RPG in the current generation. While the Souls series has managed to lived through multiple generations, Demon’s Souls is unfortunately a rare gem that has been stuck with the PlayStation 3 due to its complicated publishing issue with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Fans have long demanded a remaster for it but so far there is no official acknowledgement of it.

Recently, the servers for Demon’s Souls were finally shutdown which means it won’t be possible to enjoy the online features of the game. This was a big deal because online multiplayer played a big role in Demon’s Soul, which was unique compared to other Souls game that were released after it. However, some of the more dedicated fans have now come forward to find a solution for it.

This solution is in the form of launching and testing a private server that can allow Demon’s Souls to remain online in some capacity so those who are dedicated to the game can still enjoy playing it with all the essential online features. The full method and how it was tested is posted in detail over the Demon’s Souls subreddit and it is well worth a visit. Currently, there is only a single proof-of-concept server available that will be taken down but the source code for it will be released letting other fans who are interesting in creating their own private servers. The other perk of such servers is that it will allow multiplayer connectivity without any limitation of regions like the official servers.

Hopefully the dedication of fans can be seen by Sony, so they can try to release a remake of Demon’s Souls on the current generation consoles letting the PS4 users play through this masterpiece in the way it was intended.

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