Deponia Gets Teen Rating For The PS4 Version

Deponia has today received its rating summary from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for the PlayStation 4 version. The game got a Teen rating due to partial nudity, strong language and use of tobacco in the game.

Deponia has been developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The game was initially released way back in January 2012 on PC and Mac. The original game was entirely in German language before the English version was released later in 2012. The game gets its name from a German word “Deponie”, meaning a landfill site.


This point-and-click adventure game is set in a garbage filled world of Deponia. It revolves around a guy named Rufus, who lives in a small village called Kuvaq. Players solve puzzles and collect items over the course of the game, while coming across other characters who give them new challenges.

The game has various scenes of violence and partial nudity. A character is shown punching Rufus, while shots are fired at Rufus by some soldiers. A female character is shown bathing while hiding her private parts. There are smoking scenes in the game as well as a scene were a bottle labeled as “booze” is shown in the hands of one of the characters. Thus the game got a Teen rating rating.

You can pre-order the PS4 physical version of the game from Amazon before it releases later this year.


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