Sony Is Forcing Destiny 2 Ads On PS4 Dashboard; Here’s How To Remove Them

As the Holidays started, Sony has been trying to push Destiny 2 in the form of an ad on the PS4 dashboard. This practice is nothing new for the PS4 OS, but the way it is being utilized is what makes it a little bit of pain. The ad is basically a prominent part of the home screen on your PS4 making it look like you own Destiny 2, but checking it out will make you go through the PlayStation Store in order to buy it.

The image below shows the placement of the ad on the dashboard (courtesy of reddit) and it does look quite infruriating if you have just like to have your owned games showing on the dashboard. Not to mention it will remain there for a while and won’t get pushed from its placement.

How To Turn Off Ads On PS4

If you want to avoid seeing ads like these on your PS4 dashboard, you can thankfully turn them off. Keep in mind that by default, they will be enabled by the PlayStation 4 OS so you will have to disable them manually.

You can find the settings to disable them from the [Settings] > [System] > [Automatic Downloads] menu. Once you disable it, you will no longer see these ads on your PS4.

Let us know if you have managed to solve your issue with the ad placement using the method in this article in the comments comments.

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