Destiny 2 Beta: How To Get All Three Exotic Weapons

Destiny 2

A few hours ago, Bungie released the Destiny 2 Beta for fans to get a chance to get the feel for the new upcoming online multiplayer game. The beta has a few crucible game modes and a strike. Alongside the playable content, players also got a chance to use the new exotic weapons that will be a part of the final game.

So far, players have managed to get one exotic weapon, however, there are a total of three exotic weapons in the Beta. Players can obtain all three of the exotic weapons with ease. In the Destiny 2 Beta, players can get the Sunshot, Sweet Business and Risk Runner.

How To Get All Three Exotic Weapons In Destiny 2 Beta:

While playing the first mission of the Destiny 2 Beta, players receive an exotic weapon depending on the character they picked. Every class in the game receives a different weapon, and you can get all three weapons by playing the game on all three of the characters.

If you play as the Warlock, you will get the Risk Runner Submachine Gun. If you start off with the Titan class, you will receive the Sweet Busniess Assault Rifle, while the Hunters get the Sunshot Hand Cannon. You will have to complete the first mission on all three of the classes, in order to collect all three of the exotic weapons. However, the Beta does not have a social place with a vault, so players will not be able to transfer the weapons between their characters.

Later on in the beta, Bungie will be adding a social space called the Farm, which might allow players to send over the weapons to another characters. Hopefully this guide helped you collect all three exotic weapons in the Destiny 2 Beta. Destiny 2 is set to release on September 6th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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