Destiny 2 Beta: Here’s How To Get Free Beta Code And Download On Xbox One

Destiny 2 beta is now available for pre-load for those who have pre-ordered the game for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The beta can be redeemed by following the instructions in this article but in case you don’t have a pre-order for Destiny 2, you can still gain access to the Destiny 2 beta by following the method listed in this guide.

How To Get Free Destiny 2 Beta Access Code

You can get access to Destiny 2 Beta code by attempting to buy the game on the Xbox Live Store for Japan. The link can be accessed from here and it will take you to the Destiny 2 page for Xbox Live Japan. Click on the buy button to make the beta available for pre-load on your Xbox One games list.

The beta will start for the PS4 on July 18th while the Xbox One users will be able to play the beta on July 19th. Open access to the beta will be available on July 21st. If you can’t wait for the open access and want to download and play the beta early, you can use the loop hole listed in this article to claim access to the beta.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6th for the PS4 and Xbox One while the PC version is set to launch on October 24th.

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