Destiny 2: How To Defeat Final Boss In The Inverted Spire Strike

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Beta gave players a taste of what is to come in the full game. Along with the new exotic weapons and sub-classes, players got to play the PvP game modes called Control and Countdown.

Aside from the PvP game modes, the Beta also offers a PvE element. The new Strike called The Inverted Spire, is a new strike where you will have to defeat Vex and Cabal enemies. The strike is slightly longer, compared to the ones we experienced in the first Destiny game. The Inverted Spire strike will test your PvE skills, as you push through wave after wave of enemies, however, that is not the hard part. The final boss is a giant minotaur, that is a tough enemy to defeat and this guide will help you take it down with ease.

How To Defeat Final Boss In Inverted Spire Strike For Destiny 2:

For new players who have not experienced the strikes and enemies of the original Destiny game, this guide will help you take down the final boss in the Inverted Spire Strike of the Destiny 2 Beta.

Before you start off, you should check your gear that you have equipped. Every piece of armor has two stats, which you can switch between to improve your stats, and allocate them into the stats you want to improve. In the Destiny 2 Beta, players have three main stats, which are Resilience, Mobility and Recovery.¬†Resilience increases the amount of damage you take before dying, while Mobility increases your overall movement speed and your character’s maximum jump height. The final stat called Recovery, increases the speed at which you regain lost health. To make the strike easier, you should equip armor or switch the stats to maximize your Recovery and Resilience. This will allow you to survive the Boss’s attacks, as well as the hordes of enemies that constantly spawn around you.

The weapons you have equipped are also very important. The new weapon category, Submachine Guns, are probably the worst class of weapons you can use. They have a lot of recoil, and hardly inflict any damage to the boss, Protheon. Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Scout rifle are your best option to deal damage to the boss. The Scathelocke and Black Scorpion-4SR are the best, if you have not gotten any good weapons in the loot drops. If you are a hunter, you can equip the Sunshot Hand Cannon to take out smaller enemies, as the explosive rounds from the Sunburn Perk and the Sun Blast perk, which caused enemies killed with Sunshot to explode, make it easier to clear enemy waves. The Warlock Exotic Submachine Gun, the Risk Runner, can also be used to take out the enemy waves due to the Superconductor perk on the weapon, but it is not very good at dealing damage to the boss. The Titan Exotic Assault Rifle, Sweet Business is a great choice for dealing damage to the Boss, as it has a huge magazine of 99 bullets.

Now that you have equipped the appropriate gear, you are set to fight the final boss. Protheon, Modular Mind is a tough boss to take down. This boss battle has three stages, and it gets harder with every stage. The first part is very simple, players should aim for his head, which is his weak spot and you will do additional damage.

Something that players ignore are the Harpies in the area. These enemies might not do a lot of damage, but they will aid Protheon in killing you. So make sure you take them down. The first stage should not give the players a hard time, and you should be able to damage Protheon with ease.

The second stage of the fight is where things get tough. Protheon stands on the platform in the middle, while Goblins and Hobgoblins spawn around him. In the second stage, Protheon also uses some new attacks that will either knock you out of the fighting area, or kill you. At this stage of the fight, you will have to quickly kill the Goblins and the Hobgoblins, as they do a ton of damage. The Hobgoblins will make quick work of you with their Line Rifles, which will take you out in 2-3 shots. You can make this stage of the fight a lot easier by using your super on the Goblins and Hobgoblins, which will produce orbs, allowing you to cycle through supers with your fireteam members. Always watch out for Protheons fire attack, which will deal a lot of damage to everyone in the battle area, but the attack can easily be dodged by jumping onto the pillars around you. Quickly take down smaller enemies, and then have everyone in your fireteam focus Protheon to make this stage of the fight easier.

Once Protheon only has 50% of his health left, he will take you to the final stage of the fight. This is the toughest stage, as you will have to constantly fight enemy units, while having to dodge Protheon’s attacks, however, the strategy remains the same. Make quick work of the enemy units, and then focus fire the boss. This stage also has a new Goblin enemy that will spawn at the later stage, when Patheon has 30%-40% of his health left. When you kill this enemy, it will leave a pool of Vex milk on the ground, which will deal damage if you stand in it. When you destroy the head of Protheon, he will have a new weak spot, which, like every Vex Goblin and Hobgoblin, is his belly. At this stage, Pathoen will enter the center of the area and will become more aggressive Aim for the part that is lit up, and you will take him down, but it will be hard with Patheon running at you, and Goblins constantly spawning around the area. Once you defeat Protheon, you will receive some loot, like in every other strike.

Hopefully this guide helped you take down Protheon, Modular Mind with ease. For a guide on how to obtain all three exotic weapons in the Destiny 2 Beta, click here.

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