Destiny 2 Beta Starts With Server Errors For Everyone

Destiny 2 Beta was made live today by Bungie and just as the floodgates opened, players have been complaining about all sorts of error messages as they desperately attempt to gain access to the Beta. The beta is currently available to the PS4 users and will be made available for Xbox One user after 24 hours. The PC Beta is set at a later date while the full game will be released on September 6th.

Some of the error messages refer to configurations file error which is likely due to the server capacity being overloaded thanks to the surge of users. In this case, it is best to wait and try again because honestly there is no magical fix for it.

If you get a number of Termite error, you will have to keep trying again. This error is easier to resolve than the configuration files error so if you do manage to bypass it, you can enjoy your time with the Beta.

Destiny 2 Beta will be gradually rolled out. It has started first on the PS4 while the Xbox One users will get it tomorrow. PC users will have to wait for a while. Bungie has also planned to start an open beta for the game once this limited beta ends.

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