Destiny 2 Confirmed To Have Timed Exclusive Content For PS4 Until Fall 2018

Destiny 2 was recently revealed with a logo followed by a short teaser video featuring Cayde-6. While the originally Destiny had exclusive PlayStation content that wasn’t available on other platforms until the exclusivity period expired, the upcoming sequel appears to have similar deal in place.

This was revealed at the end of the Destiny 2 teaser trailer uploaded on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. The image below shows that Destiny 2 is confirmed to have timed exclusive content for the PS4 users and details regarding the content will be revealed this Summer.

The timed exclusive content is for 1 whole year which means those who won the game on Xbo One or the rumored PC release won’t be able to access this content until one year later. This seems to be the same timed exclusivity period as it was the case with the original Destiny.

Timed exclusivity is usually preferred in the current generation because of the impact it carries over the marketing. Destiny 1 was more popular on PS4 thanks to the timed exclusive content and if this carries over to the sequel, expect to see the repeat there as well.

Destiny 2 will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One this year. There is a rumor about a potential PC version but no official confirmation has been given by Activision or Bungie.

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