Destiny 2 Guide: Best PvP Weapons In The Game

Destiny 2

There are hundreds of different weapons that players can choose from in Destiny 2. Every weapon is unique and different weapons are effective in different situations.

When it comes to PvP, there are some weapons that perform better than others. While playing Crucible, you might have noticed a lot of players using the same weapon. Due to the design of Destiny 2’s PvP maps, players have found weapons that work well at long range, which they pair with a weapon that is effective at close range. In this guide, we will help you find the weapon that works for you, by listing the best PvP weapons in the game. Keep in mind, this list is not in any particular order, and these weapons are not mentioned according to a rank of any sort.

Best Weapons For PvP In Destiny 2:

There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Destiny 2, however, the weapons mentioned below are far superior to others. This guide includes weapons that are very popular in the Destiny 2 community and these weapons have performed well for other players. This list will not include any Leviathan Raid or Trails of the Nine weapons.

The Last Hope Sidearm:

Sidearms are a category of weapons that not many players bother using. Not a lot of sidearms are worth occupying one of your weapons slots, however, The Last Hope sidearm is one of the best weapons for PvP in Destiny 2. This weapon is a 3 burst sidearm, that is incredible for close range encounters, and will help you come out on top. Very few weapons can beat this sidearm at close range. You can obtain this sidearm from any legendary engrams.

Better Devils Hand Cannon:

A great weapon to have, the Better Devils hand cannon performs well in PvP as well as PvE. This weapon shots explosive projectiles that do two different types of damage. Each bullet does damage on impact, along with the damage of the bullet exploding. This is a great weapon to take down enemies with ease, and with no time at all. Before you use this weapon, make sure you are used to the slow firing hand cannons in PvP. You can obtain the Better Devil hand cannon by opening Crucible Engrams from Lord Shaxx.

Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle:

The Mida Multi-Tool is one of the most popular weapons in Destiny 2’s PvP. The weapon can easily take down enemies at a distance, due to its high stability, impact and fire rate. This weapon can be paired up with the Mida Mini-Tool Submachine Gun, allowing you to take out enemies at long range and close range as well. For a guide on how to obtain the Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle, click here.

Origin Story Auto Rifle:

The Origin Story is one of the best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2. This is a great weapon for PvP and PvE. The high stability of this weapon allows players to land all their shots on any enemy player with ease. The Rampage perk, on the Origin Story, makes this weapon very powerful in PvP, as the damage of the weapon increases with every kill. This perk stacks up to 3 times, but the duration of the buff is brief. You can obtain the Origin Story by completing the story mode, and completing Zavala’s Milestone where you have to complete 2 strikes in the Strike Playlist.

Uriel’s Gift:

Similar to the Origin Story, Uriel’s Gift is a great Auto Rifle to have in PvP. This energy weapon is very stable and will kill enemies in no time at all. The weapon is very reliable and has a decent magazine size. Due to this weapon being an energy weapon, you can pair it up with your favorite Kinetic weapon. This weapon is a very common drop from Legendary engrams, so a lot of the players will already have it.


The super popular fusion rifle, Merciless, is not only a great weapon for PvE, but PvP as well. This weapon takes out enemies in one shot, however, players will have to get used to the charge time of the weapon to use it effectively. This is a great weapon to have, if you are not using an exotic weapon in the Kinetic or Energy weapon slots. You can obtain the Merciless from an exotic engram.

Hopefully this guide helped you find the ideal weapon for PvP in Destiny 2. The game is now available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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