Destiny 2 Guide: How To Level Up Fast And Reach Light Level 280 Before Leviathan Raid

Destiny 2 players will be able to participate in the first RAID soon but you will also have to be sufficiently powered up before you take part in it. There are a a variety of ways to level up in Destiny 2 and this guide will try to outline some of the more simpler ways in term of level up so you can easily reach light level 265 without wasting much of your time.

Once you start with Destiny 2, your first priority should be to complete the main story. This will make you level up to 20 as you finish the story leaving you up for the end game activities along with potentially more powerful gear and loot that you can obtain through raids and strikes.

Once you have managed to finish the story and are done with the Red War campaign missions, you should be able to reach level 20. You begin to start getting blue gear once you hit level 10 and it is important to keep any legendary or exotic gear before you start the end game, since they will be required in one of the end game quests.

How To Level Up Fast and Reach Light Level 265 In Destiny 2

Your light level is determined by your base level in Destiny 2. It all depends on your base level and a combination of the gear that you can equip, so there are lot of variables in play here. This is why it is important to not just equip the best gear, but to choose smartly and equip one that raise your light level the most. If you try to equip the best gear, it is possible that you might not be able to increase your light level, since some of the gear can infact drop the light level a couple points below. This happens mostly as a balancing act so determining the best gear is the key to maintaining a good light level.

Destiny 2

Of course, Destiny 2 is not without grinding so if you want to grind for a better gear, you should try to do the Public Events or Lost Sectors which offer you some nice loot to keep on your character. The other way, if you get tired from them, is to any of the planet and find an area with vendor in it. The trick is to have a boost XP for the fire team. You will also have to get a loot box map of the Vendor. The real farming begins as you roam around the area and attempt the public events. Try to get as much of the loot as you can by searching for the materials, opening the treasures and killing your targets. Your aim will be to get blue gear while you can also get some nice exotic gear here.

The trick with blue gear is that it begins to slowly increase in power along with your base power level so if you manage to keep an eye on your base power level through the blue gear, you should be able to keep slowly increasing it each time you improve your base power level. This is a tricky process but it can be read in detail from here.

Destiny 2 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and will launch on October 26th for the PC.

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