Destiny 2 Guide: How To Obtain The Mida Multi-Tool Exotic

Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool

Along with the new Exotic items in Destiny 2, Bungie has brought back a ton of old Exotic Weapons and Armor pieces from the previous games. One of these weapons in the Exotic Scout Rifle called the Mida Multi-Tool.

The Mida Multi-Tool is a high impact scout rifle with a high rate of fire, compared to other scout rifles. It is one of the best scout rifles that a player can have, and this guide will help you obtain the Mida Multi-Tool and the Mida Mini-Tool in Destiny 2.

How To Obtain The Mida Multi-Tool In Destiny 2:

Before you start up the quest for this weapon, you will have to finish the campaign of Destiny 2. This applies to all of the exotic quests, like the Exotic Hand Cannon Quest for the Sturm. Once you have done that, open your Director, go to the EDZ and you will see a blue banner with the quest name, Enchanced!.

Accept the quest and talk to Devrim Kay. Now that you have started the quest, start saving up rare and legendary scout rifles. These will come into play later in the quest. Now Devrim Kay will send you on a series of missions. These missions are self-explanatory, so complete them and head back to Devrim Kay. He will give you the Legendary Weapon called the Mida Mini-Tool.

Once you have the new Submachine Gun, go to the tower and talk to Banshee-44. He will send you on a quest to get 50 precision kill with a scout rifle and 25 multiple kills without reloading while using a scout rifle. The multiple scout rifle kills will require you to kill 3 or more enemies without reloading. Complete these objectives and head back to Banshee-44 to continue.

Now, Banshee-44 will ask you to dismantle 5 rare or legendary scout rifles. This is where you will use the scout rifles you saved up earlier. If you don’t have the number of scout rifles required, you will have to complete strikes or public events, in hopes of one dropping. Once you dismantle the scout rifles, the quest will change to ‘The Fall Will Kill You’. You will have to kill enemy units while being airborne, with an SMG. This challenge will be easy for Warlocks, but it will take the Titans and Hunters a lot of time to complete it. Just jump around, killing enemies. You can use the Mida Mini-Tool for this quest. Complete this quest and head back to Banshee-44. He will have a brand new Mida Multi-Tool for you.

Hopefully this guide helped you obtain the Mida Multi-Tool Scout Rifle in Destiny 2. The game is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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