Destiny 2 Guide: How To Unlock The Sparrow Vehicle

Destiny 2

With the release of Destiny 2, players have experienced a lot of changes. From the start of the game, players will notice that a lot of the equipment they used in the previous game, is no longer available.

One of the most used equipment in Destiny 1 was the Sparrow. The vehicle helped you travel long distances in the game, however, in Destiny 2, players will have to get from one place to another by foot or quick travel. This is very tedious, and getting from point A to point B will take a long time. This guide will help you obtain the Sparrow, allowing you to travel quickly across the world of Destiny 2.

How To Unlock The Sparrow In Destiny 2:

There is no quick and easy way to obtain the sparrow in Destiny 2. Getting your hands on the sparrow will take a lot of time, and you will have to do a lot in order to get it.

To obtain the Sparrow, players will have to complete the entire campaign. The quickest way to do this is by skipping all the side missions or adventures that you will come across, on the different planets you go to. However, skipping these will put you at a disadvantage, as these activities reward you with Upgrade Points and armor/weapon pieces that will help you improve your Guardian’s Power Level and abilities. There is no quicker way to get a sparrow in Destiny 2.

Hopefully this guide helped you obtain the Sparrow in Destiny 2. The game is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. For a guide on How To Activate Heroic Public Events, click here.

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