Destiny 2 PSA: How To Infuse Exotic Gear With Best Stat Bonuses

Destiny 2 lets you infuse your gear into a better weapon however the stats that are infused don’t appear to correctly transfer to the final product at first glance. This doesn’t appear to be the case if you take a closer look at how the infusion system works in the game.

If you are infusing an exotic weapon with +5 modifier, assuming one of the weapon stat is 260 while the other is at 270 but with the +5 modifier raising it to 275 overall, your infusion here will result in a final product having just 270 stat. This is mostly the case for weapons where there are stat increasing modifiers for them. You will have to take into account the base stat first before you infuse these weapons.

Destiny 2

The infusion of two weapons relies more on the base stat so if you are disappointed by the final result, make sure to check out the stats of both weapons for any further infusion. The game doesn’t really explain it in detail at first but as you start to do more of these combinations, you will slowly learn the trick for getting best stat bonuses.

Destiny 2 is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It will be released for the PC later in October while the game will also support the PS4 Pro with 4k resolution. The PC version of the game is the only one with support for 60 FPS.

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