Destiny 2 PC vs. PS4 Pro Screenshot Comparison

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is out now on the PC and we have decided to see how the PC version compares against the PS4 Pro. While Destiny 2 supports 4K resolution on PC, its biggest upgrade is perhaps the support for a higher frame rate compared to the locked 30 fps on the PS4. Even the PS4 Pro can’t really run the game at a higher frame rate even if the resolution is higher, so the addition of the PC version here is great for those who prefer high frame rate in games.

The comparison screenshots below are taken from the PC and PS4 Pro version of the game. The time of the day along with the field of view makes it difficult to capture accurate screenshots but the rest speaks for itself. The difference between both versions is huge enough if we compare simply on the visuals front, but the addition of 60 fps just elevates the whole experience to a completely different level.

Note: Top image is PC, bottom is the PS4 Pro

Destiny 2 is available now on PC and can only be purchased through Activision Blizzard’s own service. The game is also offering support for the PS4 Pro while it has been rumored to support the Xbox One X as well. However all console version of the game will still run at 30 fps compared to the 60 fps support for the PC version.

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