Destiny 2 To Reportedly Run At 60 FPS According To A New Rumor

A new rumor suggests that the upcoming Destiny sequel might finally ditch its 30 FPS limit and makes the jump to 60 FPS. The rumor comes from a rather random source so it is quite likely that the things that are mentioned in this rumor might not be true, however the original source of the rumor suggests that while it is possible that not all of the leaks are true, the 60 FPS rumor is definitely true according to what he has heard.

In addition to the rumor about 60 FPS support for Destiny 2, the rumor lists some points that are too good to be true. One of them being cross-save between PC and PS4 and the rumors about a potential “next PS4” after the Pro and the game being optimized for it. You can find out the original post made by the leaker below.

– 60fps (from multiple first hand sources)
– PS4 and PC Cross-Save (not Cross-Play), and Microsoft is holding back the Cross Save for XBox
– Optimized for PS4 Pro, the next PS4, and Scorpio
– More exclusive PS4 content, again. Ugh.

Destiny 2 will be officially unveiled in a gameplay livestream tomorrow so the 60 FPS part of the rumor might be confirmed by then, however it remains to be seen if the other points of the rumor are true or simply fabricated. Again it is worth mentioning to take this with a grain of salt.


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