Destiny 2 Guides: How To Unlock 2nd And 3rd Subclass

Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, every player starts off with only one subclass. They will have to use the same subclass for some time, until they reach a certain level.

As every Destiny 2 players knows, the game limits you to one subclass from the start of the game, however, after meet certain requirements, players will be able to unlock the remain subclasses in the game. This guide will help you unlock your 2nd and 3rd subclass for your Guardians in Destiny 2.

How To Unlock 2nd And 3rd Subclass In Destiny 2:

To unlock their 2nd subclass, players will have to reach at least Level 7, and Level 15 for the 3rd subclass. So once you hit Level 7, you are ready to unlock your 2nd Subclass in Destiny 2.

Unlocking a subclass in Destiny 2 is connected to Relics that you will find, while patrolling the world. When you are out exploring the new planets and terrain of Destiny 2, you will find treasure chests, and these chests will contain the relic you are looking for. You can find these chests by participating in Public Events, Exploring Lost Sectors, and the Golden chests that are scattered across every planet. There is a very high chance of you finding these relics in the Treasure Chests, so you won’t have to open many of them.

Once you have found a relic, you can go to your character screen and you will see a new relic, next to your current Titan Subclass. Scroll over it, and it will show you what to do, in order to unlock the new subclass. The relic will require you to participate in public events alongside your fellow guardians, however, that percentage goes up if you kill enemies anywhere in Destiny 2. So you don’t have to participate in Public Events if you don’t want to, and just kill enemies anywhere you find them.

You can even start up an adventure mission and complete that, while the percentage for the relic will be increasing with every enemy you kill. Once you get the percentage to 100, a new mission will pop up in your Director. The new mission will be on Earth, in the European Dead Zone. Play through the mission and you will obtain your secondary subclass. To unlock the 3rd subclass, you will have to do the same thing, however, you will need to reach Level 15 before you start looking for the relic that will get you your 3rd subclass.

Hopefully this guide helped you obtain your 2nd and 3rd Subclass in Destiny 2. The game is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One. For a guide on how to obtain a sparrow, click here.

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