Destiny Age of Triumph: How To Get Husk of the Pit

Bungie recently released the Age of Triumph update for Destiny. The update makes tons of changes to the game, as well as bringing back some old content.

The Age of Triumph update brought back tons of content for players to enjoy. Bungie reworked all the old raids and strikes, and brought it up to the end game light level. Old fan favorite weapons also made a return. Players can get their hands on the classic Destiny weapons, one of which is the Husk of the Pit.

The Husk of the Pit is an Auto-Rifle that can be upgraded into a Legendary weapon and then an Exotic weapon. This guide will help you get the Husk of the Pit in Destiny.

Destiny Age of Triumph

How To Get The Husk Of The Pit In Destiny Age of Triumph:

In order to obtain the Husk of the Pit, players have to kill Hive Ogres. There are several missions and strikes where players can take down Ogres to get their hands on the Auto-Rifle. The ideal location to farm for the Husk of the Pit, is in this weeks nightfall strike.

This week, the nightfall strike is Taniks Perfected. In this strike, players will encounter two Ogres at an early part of the strike. Players can find the two Ogres in the large room where the Fallen and Hive are battling in.

Kill the Ogres and hopefully you will see a small white engram drop from their body. This white engram is the Husk of the Pit. Before you celebrate getting the weapon, you should check which type of Husk of the Pit it is.

There are three types of this weapon. In order to upgrade the Husk of the Pit, players will have to kill a certain type of enemy with the weapon. The upgrade that evolves the Husk of the Pit is called Cannibalism, and there are three variations of the upgrade.

The first one requires players to kill thrall, while the other two require players to kill Hive Knights and Hive Wizards. If you get the Hive Knight or Wizard variation, it is better to repeat the whole process until you get the Thrall variation. The Knight and Wizard variations are a lot more time consuming, and you can complete the thrall version of the upgrade in no time at all.

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Hopefully this guide helped you get the Husk of the PIt in Destiny: Age of Triumph. To watch the Destiny 2 teaser trailer, click here.

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