Destiny Age of Triumph: How To Get New Necrochasm

The Age of Triumph update brought back tons of old weapons that were popular in the early years of Destiny. One of the most popular, yet underwhelming, weapon was the Necrochasm. This exotic weapon came out with the Dark Below DLC that was released in December of 2014. The Age of Triumph update has brought back the Necrochasm, and is it better than before.

The Necrochasm is a very unique weapon that starts off as a common weapon called the Husk of the Pit. You have to upgrade the Husk of the Pit into the Eidolon Ally, which is a Legendary Weapon. Upgrading the Eidolon Ally transforms the weapon into the Exotic weapon called the Necrochasm.


This guide will help you upgrade your Husk of the Pit into the Eidolon Ally before finally upgrading it into the Necrochasm.

How To Get The Necrochasm In Destiny Age of Triumph:

We recently guided players on how to get their hands on the Husk of the Pit. Once you have the Husk of the Pit, you can start grinding for the Necrochasm. Upgrading the Husk of the Pit into the Eidolon Ally and then the Necrochasm is a five step process.

You will start off by obtaining the Husk of the Pit and complete the Cannibalism upgrade on it. After you have done that, you can upgrade your Husk of the Pit into the Eidolon Ally. Once you have the Eidolon Ally, head to the Tower and talk to the Speaker. He will give you 25 Motes of Light, and will tell you to talk to Eris Morn.


Now comes the hardest part of the Necrochasm quest. This part requires players to collect the Essence of the Abyss, Worm’s Inheritance and complete the Omnigul Strike. Players will have to start up the new 390 Light version of Crota’s End and complete it. The first part of the raid will reward players with the Essence of the Abyss, while defeating Crota will reward players with the Worm’s Inheritance.

After you have the two items, you have to start up the Omnigul strike and complete it. This will unlock the final part of the quest. After you complete the Omnigul strike, head back to Eris Morn and talk to her. She will give you the Essence of the Oversoul, which can be used to upgrade your Eidolon Ally into Necrochasm.


Inspect the Eidolon Ally and use the Essence of the Oversoul on the final upgrade. You will now have your brand new Necrochasm. This weapon has been buffed and is a lot better than the old Necrochasm. Killing the enemy with the new Necrochasm causes enemies to explde. This weapon is a must have, and is very useful in area with a lot of enemies.

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Hopefully this guide helped you obtain the Necrochasm. Destiny’s Age of Triumph update is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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