Destiny: How to kill Urrox, The Flame Prince

Urrox , the Flame Prince is the boss of Urrox’s Grudge, one of several Level 34 variations of the Prison of the Elders in Destiny, and he can pack a serious punch. One of his moves in particular, where he sets the ground on fire when there is a solar burn modifier active, has many players getting reduced to slag.


Due to the wide area that the fire covers, it’s not possible for Guardians to get in the proximity of Urrox without scorching themselves in the process. How do you beat him, then? Thanks to Arekkz Gaming, you now have a way. Watch the video below in order learn a great strategy for taking down the fiery prince.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”vcWy2RRa-H8″]

Let us know if the video aided you in beating this formidable boss in the comments below.


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