Destiny Beta to be available early 2014

We seem to have a leak of sorts from Amazon that suggests that Destiny will start its Beta in early 2014. It also solidifies the earlier rumor of Destiny beta being given as pre-order bonus from select retailers.

The beta will be for all platforms including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To participate in the Destiny beta, you need to pre-order the game at select retailers like Amazon. It is a “Limited Time” offer; while Beta code lasts.

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Destiny is a upcoming MMO-FPS by Bungie, which is their first big project after Halo Reach. Bungie are famous for their science fiction first-person shooters and with Destiny, they have taken it to the next level by creating a huge universe.

Destiny is set to release sometime in 2014. There is no specific release date yet. There is no plan for a PC version release but Bungie did say that they will consider a PC release if they see enough interest in it.

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