Destiny could come to PC, says Bungie’s director

Bungie’s widely acclaimed Destiny is getting its upcoming expansion this September, meaning the game will be running for its second straight year since 2014, without faltering. Players have been asking ever since for the studio to port the game to PC.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bungie’s director, Christoper Barrett was asked whether Destiny would make its debut on PC to which he responded that there were no updates regarding the matter as of yet, but the studio is constantly looking for other platforms to bring their game to.

“No updates on that today, but we’re always looking at what platforms make sense for Destiny.”

That might sound pretty vague, but we can assume that PC, as a platform, does make sense for Destiny, and that Bungie are putting in a lot of thought as to whether to port the game.


He also commented on leaving behind the previous generation of consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3, and decided instead to focus all attention to the current generation, saying that 90% of the player base is represented by PS4 and Xbox One players. So that pretty much explains why Rise of Iron is going to be released only for current gen.

“It was a good time for us to really focus on the current-gen platforms; we’ve said that over 90 percent of our players now are on the current-gen platforms. We’ve gotten to the point where to continue to add new stuff, we would start to have to take things away. And so, we really wanted to make sure Rise of Iron is the best experience possible. So we’ve focused on current-gen for now.”

As a reminder, Rise of Iron will be released on September 20th for PS4 and Xbox One. Preorders will get you black make of the Iron Gjallarhorn. The expansion is said to be bigger than the first two – The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

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