Destiny The Dawning – New Armor Sets Revealed

Last week, during the PlayStation Experience 2016, Bungie announced the release of Destiny’s The Dawning update. The update will introduce new content for Destiny players to enjoy.

Something that many players are excited for is the Sparrow Racing League. The Sparrow Racing League is coming back and is bring new weapons and armor with it. Destiny fans will be able to collect armor for each of the game’s classes. There is a set of armor for each class, and the armor was inspired by designs that Bungie’s lead concept artist, Joseph Cross, made. You can check out the armor sets in the images below:

The Dawning update is bringing back a lot of content for players, as the super popular exotic sniper rifle, Ice Breaker, makes a comeback. The Ice Breaker was one of the best snipers of Destiny, as the ammo for the weapon regenerates over time.

The upcoming update will also introduce new ornaments for the exotic weapons. These ornaments give the exotic weapons a new and unique look, however, these ornaments do not impact a weapon’s stats in any way.

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The Dawning update will be coming to Destiny on the 13th of December, and will be available for players who have purchased the Rise of Iron DLC.

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