Destiny – The Dawning Update Now Live On PS4 And Xbox One

Destiny’s highly anticipated, The Dawning Update, is now live for all Destiny players. The update went live a few hours ago, and added tons of new content to the game.

The Dawning Update brings back the super popular, Sparrow Racing League, which the fans have been asking for a long time. This is the second time the Sparrow Racing League has been added to the game. The update added tons of new event exclusive loot to the game, which can be obtained by opening the Treasure of the Dawning packages.

The Dawning update

You can purchase these packages from Tess Everis by using Silver. However, you can get your hands on two of these packages by completing the Weekly Heroic Strike (1 Per Week) and by reaching Sparrow Racing League Rank 5.

The Dawning Update has also added a new Kiosk to the Tower. It is located between the Post Master and Tess Everis. This new Kiosk allows players to purchase exotic weapon ornaments, Sparrows, Mystery Bags, and Reputation Boosters in exchange for Silver Dust.

New Vanguard bounties have also been added to Destiny. The new bounties can be obtained by talking to Zavala. These bounties have a chance of dropping the new Ice Breaker, when you turn them in. Similar to the new Thorn quest, the Ice Breaker will drop at random.

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The Dawning Update is around 2GB in size and is available for download on both, PS4 and Xbox One.

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