Destiny Exclusive to Playstation in Japan

Developers Bungie recently released an Alpha build on the PS4 which received a wide and openhearted welcome by gamers. A couple of months ago Bungie announced that the lead development platform for the game would be the PS4 but the game was set to release on all consoles except for the Wii.


Destiny is an open-world first person shooter from the makers of Halo, Sony recently announced that the game would be an exclusive for the PS3 and the PS4 in Japan.

The game is set to release in Japan on September 11th, a week after the Xbox One hits stores in the country. The Xbox One will be out on the 4th of September, some critics are calling it a heavy blow by Sony towards Microsoft as this could cause the already evaporating sales of the Xbox One in Japan to deteriorate.

Destiny will be available for purchase in other countries on September 9th, all releases outside Japan will be multiplatform that is on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Sony fan-boys should rejoice as developers are working on the game at this moment and we hope it will be a great addition to the PlayStation’s exclusive library.

We don’t know that this will be a timed exclusive or not but we will keep you updated with any further news.

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