Destiny: Festival of the Lost Halloween Event: Here’s How To Start And Finish All Quests

Bungie is currently holding a Halloween themed event for Destiny called Festival of the Lost. This new event includes plenty of new additions to the game including legendary masks, new emotes, items and microtransactions. If you want to explore more, you can try to attempt these four quests from the event.

1. Sweet Memories

This is an introductory quest and you need to finish it to gain access to the rest of the quests. It simply requires you to fetch candy from various NPCs. In order to trigger this quest, you need to talk to Eva Levante in the Tower. Talking to her will trigger the first part of this quest called “Happy Festival of the Lost”, which is basically an introduction to the festival. After this quest, you can start the real deal and accept the quest titled “Sweet Memories”. You will need to collect candy from various NPCs throughout the tower including Speaker, Eris Morn, Lord Shaxx, Ikora Rey, Cayde-6, Commander Zavala and the Cryptarch.

destiny-halloween-quests (1)

2. Face Off!

This is a simple crucible quest that requires the player to have 30 Crucible Kills while wearing an Engram mask, in addition to having 5 Crucible sword kills while wearing Crota mask.

destiny-halloween-quests (2)

3. Playing Pretend

This is another quest that requires the player to wear the new Halloween masks. You will be tasked to get 3 Gold Medals in public events while wearing a Tiger Mask. Loot 10 Engrams while wearing a Cryptarch mask. The final task is quite hilarious as it requires you to simply “Trip” off from the Tower while wearing the Atheon mask. Bungie sure love their humor.

destiny-halloween-quests (3)

4. The Masks We Wear

This is another quest that requires the player to wear the various masks that can be obtained in this event. To complete this one, you will need to kill a Court of Oryx member while wearing a Traveller mask. Perform a Heroic Strike while wearing a Speaker mask.

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost will end on November 9th so make sure to enjoy it to the fullest until it ends.

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