Destiny: Festival of the Lost: Here’s A List Of All New Microtransactions, Items And Emotes

Destiny is currently going through a new in-game event called “Festival of the Lost” to celebrate Halloween, and it includes some new fun quests, masks, emotes and microtransactions for the players to buy and use in the game.

For starters, you can now purchase a new set of emotes from Eververse Trading Company including the famous Zombie dance (only for PS4 and Xbox One). You can check out a list of the new emotes in addition to their in-game price below.

Dance NameDescriptionPrice
BooSo Scary300 Silver
Monster DanceShake it like a supernatural500 Silver
Zombie Dance (PS4 & Xbox One only)Kick it in your crypt700 Silver

In addition to these new emotes, there are also new items called “Treasure of the Lost” mystery bag, which include a random set of Halloween themed items for Destiny and might also contain a Legendary mask.


Mystery BagGuaranteed ContentsPossible ContentsPrice (1 bag)Price (3 bags)Price (6 bags)
Treasure of the LostRandom Legendary Mask x1Paper Glue x1 // Jackolyte x1 // Flight of Shadows x1 // Skull Mask x1 // Random Festival Candy x2 // Paper Scraps x1200 Silver500 Silver900 Silver

There are also a plenty of new Halloween themed items added to the game for Festival of the Lost event. You can check out each item’s name and their description below. Keep in mind that you can get some of these items through Treasure of the Lost mystery bag as well.

Salty EngramA savory snack that increases the development of upgradable Primary Weapons for a short time.
Sugary EngramThis cunning confection increases the development of upgradable Special Weapons for a short time.
Flight of ShadowsAre you a dream of a sleeping god? Or the nightmare of a dead one? Changes the appearance of your respawn for 24 hours.
Tiny Box of RaisinsWhat? Why…?
Paper ScrapsObtained from Mystery bags or by Dismantling a Rare mask, Can be traded to Eva Levante for a new Rare mask.
Paper GlueObtained from Mystery Bags or by dismantling a Legendary mask. Can be used to upgrade a Rare mask to Legendary.
Fruit MotesThese chewy treats generate Glimmer as you fight the Fallen. Don’t eat them all at once.
Festival of the Lost CandyA selection of delicious, sweet candies for the Festival of the Lost.
Glimmer ChewLeave a trail of Glimmer when you enjoy this sweet treat while battling Vex.
Void FizzThis sweet effervescent candy leaves Glimmer behind as you battle the Hive. It’s terrible for your teeth.

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost event will end on November 9th so players can make use of these new items until the event ends.

Let us know what you think about this new update for Destiny in the comments below.

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