Destiny To Get “Festival of the Lost” In Time For Halloween

Bungie has today announced its Halloween themed event for Destiny, called the Festival of the Lost. This event is coming back again after making its debut last year.

Destiny: Festival of the Lost is a limited time event set to begin on October 26. The event will continue for almost a fortnight until November 9, exactly like last year. The festival will take place in the Tower and Felwinter peak.


There are 16 new collectible masks. To get these, all you need to do is complete quests for Eva Levante. Players can earn extra reward if they wear these masks while completing challenges. Rare masks will only last the festival while Legendary ones are permanent. Players have the option to turn a Rare mask into a Legendary one by dismantling the Legendary mask in return for Paper Glue which can then be applied to the Rare Mask, making it permanent.

Players can collect festival candies by killing enemies, which can be consumed for temporary buffs. These candies will spoil at the end of the festival. New Legendary dances moves have been added to Eververse by Tess Everis.

Custom masks can be made by players with the help of available templates. In addition to this a new map, ‘Cathedral of Dusk’, is also set to come exclusively for ‘The Taken King’ owners.

Destiny 2 rumors are getting stronger day by day.The game is expected to be released during next year, if rumors are to be believed.


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