Destiny Gets Year Two Moments Of Triumph

As Destiny comes ever closer to it’s second year anniversary, Bungie has revealed that Moments Of Triumph will also be returning. Moments Of Triumph originally came out last year and are a set of various in-game feats which ranged from the mundane to extraordinary. Upon completion of all said feats, before the launch of The Taken King in September, Guardians were entitled to receive a unique emblem to showcase their achievements.

This year though, the event is slightly different. Moments Of Triumph Year Two is an opportunity for players to earn unique rewards by completing some of the greatest tasks presented to players this year, which are kept track of by a Record Book available in-game from the Postmaster. The tasks for this year are:

  1. A Blade Reborn: To complete any of the Exotic sword quests recieved from Shaxx
  2. Eris Morn’s Revenge: To collect all 50 of the Calcified Fragments.
  3. The Sword Logic: To complete the King’s Fall Raid on Hard difficulty.
  4. Return to the Reef: To complete the April quests “At The Gates” and “Return to the Prison”.
  5. The Play’s The Thing: To complete the Taken King main story questline.
  6. Challenge of the Elders: To complete an Elder’s Sigil scorecard in the Prison of the Elders.
  7. This is Amazing: To complete the Crucible questline.
  8. The Third Element: To equip a fully leveled Year Two subclass.


Each completed feat will gain players a rank in the Record Book and starting from the second one, will earn them unique emblems and shaders until rank 5. Every player that manages to complete all the Triumphs will become eligible to purchase an exclusive Year Two Moments of Triumph T-Shirt from the Bungie Store, the profits of which will go to charity.

From July 7th to September 20th, Moments Of Triumph will return for all players who own Destiny: The Taken King, on both current and last-gen consoles.

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