Destiny: Here’s How To Complete “Not Forged In Light” Quest And Get “No Time To Explain” Rifle

Destiny players can apparently attempt a new quest today after downloading the latest patch. This quest is called “Not Forged In Light” and it rewards the players with a Pulse Rifle called “No Time To Explain”.

Reddit user CrimsonBlade104 has managed to finish this new quest that was added in the latest patch. As explained by him, you can get the new pulse rifle from Lakshmi-2.

Another user gave a short step-by-step guide on how to complete this quest as well as shared the No Time To Explain Pulse Rifle stats. You can check it out below.

Below are the steps necessary to complete this quest.

Step 1: turn in predyths ghost

Step 2: Join FWC

Step 3: give them rep (about 50 motes worth)

Step 4: Kill a major or ultra taken Minotaur

Step 5: dismantle core

Step 6: talk to FWC

Step 7: kill atheon

Step 9: dismantle eye

Step 10: talk to FWC

Step 11: find a chest on the twilight gap mission

Step 12: talk to FWC

Step 13: kill taken groundskeeper in black garden ( must keep anger above 100% or her despawns, does not regain health.

Step 14: get gun from FWC

No Time To Explain Pulse Rifle middle perks are speed reload, hand loaded and fitted stock.

Destiny has recently received a major expansion called The Taken King. This expansion adds a whole new hub, new story missions, strikes, new sub-classes and more. This expansion launched on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in September.

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